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Two hours each day are given to personal quiet prayer in the Choir.

Saint Teresa of Avila, Mother and Foundress of the Discalced Carmelite Order, describes prayer as 'conversation with Christ". The loving relationship with Jesus which develops in this way gradually comes to pervade the whole day. This is what a Carmelite is meant to be - living prayer in the Heart of the Church. This is our vocation.

Daily Life

5:40 Rise

5:50 Liturgy of the Hours

6:05 Prayer

7:15 Holy Mass, Thanksgiving

8:00 Liturgy of the Hours

8:15 Coffee, Spiritual Reading

9:00 Manual Work

11:00 Liturgy of the Hours

11:15 Examination of Conscience

11:25 Dinner,

  followed by an hour of Recreation

1:00 Manual Work

2:00 Liturgy of the Hours

  Quiet Period

3:00 Manual Work

4:45 Liturgy of the Hours

5:15 Prayer

6:15 Supper and Recreation

8:00 Liturgy of the Hours

8:30 Free Time

9:30 Liturgy of the Hours

10:15 Spiritual Reading

11:00 Retire

Liturgy of the Hours Manual Work Community Spirit

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